Sector fruit


Fruit farming covers more than 16,000 hectare ( 6,400 acres) in the Netherlands, equally divided between apples and pears. Together the associated partners of Cropsolutions are market leader for both supply and knowledge exchange for these growers. When it comes to gathering and exchanging knowledge and advice, the CAF (Central Advice Service for Fruit Growers) is an independent knowledge centre, but also a partner in CropSolutions.

In several areas private research is being conducted on crop protection, fertilization and cultivation techniques. Over the next few years the fruit sector will see large changes taking place. Cultivation, but also the introduction of new varieties for example, are increasingly taking place within specific cultivation and marketing concepts. Where crop protection is concerned, a number of agents are on the verge of being admitted, while the market is requiring better quality and little or no residue on the fruit, even after a longer period of storage. CropSolutions supports fruit growers in these processes, whether they are growers of apples, pears, prunes, cherries, berries, blackberries, raspberries or strawberries. Our goal is to achieve the highest yield for your orchard.