Sector tree nursery


DIn the Netherlands tree nurseries cover about 17,000 hectare (6,800 acres). It’s a stable sector that consists of six growth sectors. These are:

  • Ornamental cultivation
  • Avenue trees Shrubbery
  • Roses Perennials
  • Container cultivation

In total this sector covers about 3000 different growers and is spread throughout the country, but is centralised in five important cultivations centres. These are:

  • Zundert region
  • Opheusden region
  • Lottum region
  • Boskoop regio
  • Haaren region

In this sector research is already being conducted within organisations. Cultus Agro Advies is the service provider with paid for advise where cultivation support and research is carried out by several customers including associated cooperatives. Innovation, sustainability and agent research are mostly focal points.