Sector public green


Besides having one of the most dense road systems in the word, the Netherlands also has large areas of public space. Not just parks, greenbelts and planning completion near urban areas, but also sport facilities and open space areas use this public space. Just like central reserves, verges and railway banks, these areas are always covered by green and/or grass. Ornamental planting, safety and sustainability are important factors in managing public space. Funds per acre are usually limited which is why public parks usually takes a backseat to more important issues. Specific knowledge of those involved in this sector can be improved as well as optimal use and positioning of certain crop protection agents, fertilizers and sowing seeds. Especially for this market CropSolutions is a partner since it invests in specific knowledge of the field teams and product management, but also because the experience from several agricultural sectors in combination with the knowledge of suppliers can be applied to public parks.