Grass seeds


Collective purchase on an international scale allows for fast access to the best varieties. Cropsolutions can have these varieties available at a very early stage and partners can therefore positively differentiate themselves in the market. The knowledge of fodder by several of CropSolutions’ advisers with respect to variety choice, guarantees the best supply of grassland mixtures for every situation.


Grass mixtures


Since 2012 CropSolutions has had the exclusive rights to selling Extra grass seed mixture. These are high quality mixtures composed of varieties which score high on the recommended variety list (CSAR). Because of the exclusive rights, CropSolutions can control the composition of the mixture. In response to practical demands there are three new Extra grass mixtures available this year: Extra Smakelijk (tasty) Tetra, Extra Prik and Extra Powerhybride.


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Features and advantages


Market developments are the leading principle for CropSolutions’ current range of Extra grass seed mixtures. The demand for cutting grass mixtures is increasing and the maximum yield per acre is becoming more important. That is why CropSolutions has an extensive range of Extra grass seed mixtures that meets these demands. This way there is a unique mixture available for every purpose in professional cattle farming. (see product folder)




Extra Prik is a new mixture that is rich in structure which adds extra structure to the paunch of the cattle. Extra Smakelijk (tasty) Tetra is best suited for cutting and pastures on soils which are not susceptible to drought. With a grow period of 1-2 years, Extra Power Hybride gives the highest yield which makes it especially suitable for crop rotation.

The iSeed-coating of the mixtures Extra Smakelijk (tasty) iSeed and Extra Maaien (cutting) iSeed, has been renewed. This makes sowing iSeed as easy as sowing non-treated seeds. Because of the coating, the germinating seed has nitrogen and phosphate available straight away, making sure it can develop well and compete with already existing grass. These iSeed mixtures can also be used for re-sowing as the germinating plant has extra nutrition available. This improves yield by ten to fifteen percent.

The mixtures for pastures are highly resistant against crown rust. They make for a tasty variety of grass with the best persistency (life span). The grass mixtures do not contain clover. Should clover be desires, CropSolutions’ advice is to mix a suitable clover variety in with the chosen grass mixture.







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