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Features and advantages


Leaf fertilization with (mineral) nutrition is most effective in the following cases:

  • (too) little availability in the soil because of insufficient stores;
  • Weak functioning root system due to drought, shortage of oxygen or damage by disease or infestation;
  • Displacement at the root by high concentrations of other nutrients (antagonism);
  • A pH-level which is either too high or too low;
  • A strong bond to clay elements or organic matter.

Foliplus fertilizers by-pass the route through the roots by direct absorption through the stomas on the plant. Leaf fertilizers based on nitrates and chelates are effective very quickly, but only work for a short period of time, while carbonates are absorbed slower, but work for a longer period. The degree of acidity of Foliplus fertilizers comes close to that of the leaf (pH 5.5). Therefor the stomas of the plant will open up more easily.

Foliplus leaf fertilizers also contain additives that influence drop size for example or prevent washing away by rain.




Foliplus bladmeststoffen bevat de belangrijkste enkelvoudige (sporen)elementen. Daarnaast is foliplus duo een tweeledige combinatie van elementen die elkaar aanvullen en stimuleren. De meervoudige producten zijn speciaal samengesteld voor een specifiek doel, zoals bv het verhogen van het eiwitgehalte van een gewas. In onderstaande tabel is de complete productrange opgesomd:

      form level packaging
  Mn Foliplus Manganese nitrate nitrate 200 g/l 10l
    Foliplus Manganese carbonate Carbonate 260 g/l 10l
  Mg Foliplus Magnesium nitrate 135 g/l 10l
  K Foliplus Kali carbonaat 33% 10l
  B Foliplus Borium Ethanolamine 150 g/l 10l
  Zn Foliplus Zink Sulfaat 11% 10l
  Cu Foliplus Koper Oxichloride 435 g/l 10l
  Fe Foliplus Ijzer Lignosulfonaat/citraat 3% 10l
  Mn + Mg Foliplus duo Mn+Mg nitraat+nitraat 40/108 g/l 15/500/1000 l
  Ca + Mg Foliplusduo Ca+Mg chloride+nitraat 15/500 l
  Ca + B Foliplus duo Ca+B boraat 170/103 g/l 10 l
  N+Mg+Mn Foliplus Total N ureum+nitraat+nitraat 173/8/3 g/l 15/1000 l
  N+Mg+S Foliplus Protein ureum 273/39/104 g/l 15/1000 l




All Foliplus leaf fertilizers are extremely well suited to spraying with a field sprayer. Our advice is to add the leaf fertilizers to 200-400 litres of water.

  • First fill the tank with about half of the water
  • Switch the mixing system on with sufficient capacity
  • First add the powder and then the liquid crop protection agents in the correct order.
  • Fill up with water up to about ¾
  • Add any additives such as flowing aids or bonders
  • Shake the package before use and finally add the correct amount of Foliplus leaf fertilizers to the tank
  • Fill the rest of the tank with water until completely filled
  • Spray onto the field directly and don’t leave the spraying liquid for longer than 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Store Foliplus leaf fertilizers safe from frost (best above 5 degrees Celsius)

Foliplus leaf fertilizers can be mixed with most crop protection agents. Mixing with contact herbicides is not recommended. Nevertheless, CropSolutions cannot accept responsibility for any damage as a result of application, simply because not all combinations have been, or can be tested. Moreover, effectiveness and crop safety are dependent on a large number of external factors.


Beware of the following circumstances:

  • Crop condition: a weakened or infected crop that is not growing well, will not be able to fully absorb all the elements through the leaf.
  • Weather conditions: It is best to spray at temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius and with a humidity of 70 – 90%.
  • Thickness of the wax layer: after a prolonged drought, the leaf will form a thicker layer of wax. In those conditions it is best to spray early in the morning because the stomas on the leaf are opened.







































Foliplus leaf fertilizers are a complete range of liquid fertilizers for application on the leaf. Cropsolutions has selected the best products from several European producers. The selection was based on:

  • Maximum absorption through the leaf;
  • Crop safety;
  • Stable and user friendly formula;
  • Mixable with crop protection agents;
  • Yield of the application.

All products have been tested extensively in the Netherlands by ALTIC among others, but also in the rest of Europe by renowned research institutions and universities.


Leaf fertilizers are optimally suited to apply nutrition in small doses. Especially mineral nutrients can be offered to the plant quickly, effectively and safely this way. Most of the Foliplus fertilizers work quickly and for a short period and need to be sprayed several times. Some products are effective for a longer period and can be sprayed at larger intervals. The label will give you more information on the correct application. Use the correct product depending on the circumstances.


Preventive use of leaf fertilizers will prevent a delay in growth and symptoms of deficiency. Soil analysis, leaf analysis, but also the experience of the grower can guarantee a timely use of leaf fertilizers. But because of their quick absorbability, Foliplus fertilizers can also be used when deficiency is already noticeable. Both ways improve yield and quality, also under tough growing circumstances like extreme drought or heavy rainfall. 


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