CropFert fertilizers


Under the name ‘CropFert”, CropSolutions provides all its partners with the most complete line of fertilizers for all agricultural sectors. CropFert fertilizers stand for quality, reliability and yield. This goes for bulk fertilizers such as KAS and potash, but also for more specialised products.
CropFert fertilizers are divided into different categories: 
Nutrigran: granular fertilizers, available in small bags, big bags or bulk. Meets the highest quality standards with regard to composition, spread ability and storage.

Growsol: liquid fertilizers for application before or during sowing/planting. Growsol fertilizers can contain nitrogen, phosphate and/or sulphur and can be tailor-made. Upon request some mineral nutrients can be added.

Foliplus: complete line of liquid fertilizers for application on the leaf. The products have a stable formula that guarantees a safe application and maximal absorption through the leaf.

Orgasoil: organic fertilizers with added value for the soil. The soil’s natural fertility is helped by organic fertilizers that complete the need for minerals, organic material, pH value and soil ecology.

FertiBio: fertilizers for organic cultivation. Because organic cultivation has specific demands from the use of fertilizers, only approved products have been added to this line of fertilizers. Meets SKAL requirements.



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